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What Workshop Participants Have To Say

All quotations used with permission.

“I would highly recommend both the speaker and the presentation. . . . It was very helpful to apply the skills we were learning.”

Megan M. Youngling, Esq. (Litigation)
Pullman & Comley, LLC

“Excellent, informative and entertaining. While directed to legal writing, workshop would be useful to all writers.”

Errol Krass, Esq., Administrative Patent Judge
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences
U.S. Department of Commerce, General Counsel’s Office

“The use of agency-specific examples was beneficial. Excellent presentation. Engaging, informative, helpful, wonderful. Money well spent. Your presentation met all my expectations!”

Naomi Tsuda, Esq., Deputy Regional Counsel
Western-Pacific Region
Federal Aviation Administration, Office of Regional Counsel

“The individual and group exercises were a great way to test the lessons learned in the workshop. The presentation was one of the best I've participated in.”

Matthew Haslinger, Esq., Trial Attorney
US Department of Justice, Criminal Division
Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section
Money Laundering and Bank Integrity Unit
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“This was the best writing workshop I've ever attended. The workshop was coherent, clear and concise and finished on time. It was packed with useful information.”

Stacey Sabo, Esq. (Corporate; Mergers & Acquisitions)
Pitney Hardin LLP (New York)Top of Page

“Ms. LeLeiko is an engaging speaker with a solid command of the subject. [The workshop was] surprisingly entertaining.”

William S. Tate, Esq. (Business)
Hirschler Fleischer (Richmond, VA)

“Excellent for overall writing, regardless of the type of law practiced. Most courses focus solely on litigation-oriented writings. This one did not, which is what made it useful.”

Deborah Giss Stalker, Esq.
Associate General Counsel
ACE Insurance Company of North America (Philadelphia)

“Good speaker and relevant information. Real-life examples are helpful.”

Lenore T. Brakefield, Esq. (Business and Corporate Law)
Bond Schoeneck & King (Naples, FL)

“The exercises were very helpful and very practical. You do a very good job acknowledging the widely varying audiences we face.”

Eben Adams, Esq. (Real Estate)
Pierce Atwood (Portland, ME)

“Very practical, engaging. . . . Great—worth the time.”

Meera Malhotra Marti, Esq. (Litigation)
Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP (New York, NY) Top of Page

“Great PowerPoint; very knowledgeable speaker; great real-life examples and experiences.”

Andy Garcia
Social Security Administration
Office of Disability Adjudication and Review

“. . . a practical lesson on writing . . . . I really appreciated the interactive assignments.”

George E. Hykal , Esq. (IP Litigation)
Darby & Darby P.C. (New York, NY)

“[Marilyn] really geared her presentation to our business. Her knowledge of the demands we face in a law firm made her presentation more effective.”

Patricia M. Higgins, Esq. (Litigation)
Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP (Boston)

“Good refresher on do's and don'ts; not a how-to legal writing course, but how to improve your legal writing. Great—I enjoyed it.”

Robyn E. Smith, Esq. (Litigation)
Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP (Boston)

“Very good use of Powerpoint.”

Andrea L. Evensen, Esq. (Patent)
Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione (Chicago) Top of Page

“[Workshop] was informative and motivational. I want to go rewrite my form documents. . . . Time passed very quickly. The session proved you can teach new tricks to an old dog.”

Bernard S. Davis, Esq. (Public Finance)
Wolff & Samson (West Orange, NJ)

“Presentation was excellent. Very easy to follow. Overall very engaging.”

Marcos A. Ramos, Esq. (Bankruptcy)
Richards, Layton & Finger (Wilmington, DE)

“Very informative and helpful—worth the time.”

Kendra H. Fershee, Esq. (Litigation)
Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP (Washington, DC)

“This program was enormously helpful.”

Damon D. Colbert, Esq. (Corporate and Securities)
Shaw Pittman (Washington, DC) Top of Page

“Comprehensive overview of writing skills. Thoroughly enjoyable session. Learned a lot.”

George P. Whitley, Esq., Partner, Co-Chair,
Financial Institutions Practice Group
LeClair Ryan (Richmond, VA)

“Marilyn is very experienced, knows her material; effective. Lots of info, well-organized, interesting. Enjoyed the presentation very much!”

Luther L. Liggett, Jr., Esq., Partner, Government Relations
Bricker & Eckler LLP (Columbus, OH)

“Very well organized—kept my attention throughout (4 hours went by very fast!)”

Nicole DiMaria, Esq. (Health Law, General Corporate)
Wolff & Samson (West Orange, NJ)

“Great program—concise and entertaining. This topic can be very dry and boring and you make it entertaining and actually fun.”

Jeanine M. Donohue, Esq. (Products Liability Litigation)
Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP (San Francisco) Top of Page

“Good use of examples and integration of our office work. Good sensitivity to different types/audiences for writing. Good presentation skills and effective use of written handouts and presentation slides.”

Stephen G. Burns, Esq., Deputy General Counsel
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Office of the General Counsel

“[E]xceptionally useful and very interesting. Great job!”

Matthew S. Reinaker, Esq. (Real Estate)
Williams Mullen (Richmond, VA)

“Good anecdotes, entertaining, patient with numerous questions (and left time for questions), good speaking style, came across warm and engaging. Great handouts and materials.”

Kathryn S. Catenacci, Esq.
LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae, L.L.P. (New York)

“Practical advice presented in an understandable and interesting, yes, interesting, manner. Ms. LeLeiko was friendly, well-spoken and very responsive to the group’s direction.”

Jennifer M. Wagman, Esq. (Litigation)
Carter, Ledyard & Milburn (New York) Top of Page

“Your presentation style makes it easier to appreciate the material and avoid resistance/defensiveness.”

Jean Sehl Everett, Esq., Partner, Chair,
Financial Institutions and Lending Practice Area
Hiscock & Barclay, LLP (Syracuse, NY)

“[I]t is incredibly hard to teach good writing skills and you have done a great job!”

Lynn LaPierre, Esq. (Commercial Litigation)
Coughlin Duffy, LLP (Morristown, NJ)

“It was a good overview of effective writing. The examples illustrated the points well.”

Doug Burdin, Esq. (Environmental)
Hunton & Williams LLP (Richmond, VA)

“Very worthwhile. Engaging sense of humor; use of real-world writing samples.”

James J. Williams, Esq.
General Motors Corporation Legal Staff (Detroit)Top of Page

“Approach was very practical and hands-on.”

Mark Ringel, Esq. (Corporate)
Crowell & Moring LLP (Washington, DC)

"Good concrete examples; well structured; very knowledgeable.”

Brian J. Kickham, Esq. (Corporate)
Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP (Boston)

“Great examples, excellent visuals—manual appears like I will get much use from it.”

Brett Howard, Esq. (Global Litigation)
Howrey Simon Arnold & White, LLP (Washington, DC)

“Worthwhile time investment.”

Robert P. Henley, Esq. (Business)
Hirschler Fleischer (Richmond, VA) Top of Page

“Very insightful and concise. Tackled many issues common to all of us. Very relevant/connected to firm life.”

Joseph Taffy, Esq. (Patent Prosecution)
Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto (New York)

“One of the most useful seminars I have attended.”

Rodman J. Law, Esq. (Insurance and Reinsurance)
Coughlin Duffy, LLP (Morristown, NJ)

“This was a great presentation. It was very informative, very interesting, it flowed, and the breaks were well-timed.”

Nancy Tompkins, Esq. (Litigation)
Townsend & Townsend & Crew (San Francisco, Palo Alto)

“Excellent review of most vital areas involved in legal writing.”

Bernard J. Cantor, Esq. (Of Counsel)
Harness Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C. (Troy, Michigan) Top of Page

“The workshop addressed common problems and difficulties in brief writing. The materials are excellent.”

George M. Janocsko, Esq.
Allegheny County Law Department (Pittsburgh)

“[Marilyn] was very effective; [she] covered a lot of relevant topics in a short amount of time without losing essentials. The written materials are also very useful.”

Nicole E. Feit, Esq. (Litigation)
Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP (New York, NY)

“An outstanding seminar—very useful.”

Kaya Salwin, Esq. (Real Estate)
Dykema Gossett (Detroit)

“As a summer associate, the information was valuable in distinguishing between law school writing and law firm writing. I really enjoyed this workshop!”

Akita N. Adkins, Summer Associate (University of Pennsylvania)
Howrey Simon Arnold & White, LLP (Washington, DC) Top of Page

“Great! I appreciated Marilyn’s real world (legal world) knowledge of pressures on new associates.”

Amy Brown Castronovo, Esq. (Labor and Employment)
Pitney Hardin Kipp & Szuch (Morristown, NJ)

“Good, practical advice.”

Jeff Ali, Esq., Partner, Patent Litigation
Merchant & Gould (Minneapolis)

“Very good seminar for experienced and novice legal writers alike.”

Vladimir P. Belo, Esq. (Employment and Litigation)
Bricker & Eckler LLP (Columbus, OH)

“Good pace, very polished presentation.”

Mark McBride, Senior Manager, The CapAnalysis Group
Howrey Simon Arnold & White, LLP (Washington, DC) Top of Page

“Marilyn is an excellent overall presenter. The presentation was clear, concise and entertaining.”

Katherine M. Scovin, Esq. (Litigation)
Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP (Washington, DC)

“Best workshop I have ever attended.”

Thomas E. Reiber, Esq., Shareholder, Insolvency and Creditors' Rights
Tucker Arensberg, P.C. (Pittsburgh)

“Very clear presentation. Very practical advice.”

Rachel Yoel, Esq. (Litigation)
Sidley Austin Brown & Wood (New York)

“The workshop was helpful and Ms. LeLeiko kept my interest throughout the entire three hours.”

Bonnie Carney, Esq. (Patent Litigation)
Darby & Darby P.C. (New York) Top of Page

“A great overall refresher of writing concepts. The handout materials are excellent and will be a great reference tool. Great seminar.”

Timothy Prochko , Esq. (Construction Law)
Plunkett & Cooney, P.C. (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan)

“The pace was perfect. Definitely worthwhile.”

Linda Ricci, Esq., Junior Partner, Litigation
Hale and Dorr LLP (Boston)

“Very practical and useful advice. Good reference materials.”

William V. Conley, Esq., Senior Counsel, Litigation
LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae, L.L.P. (Pittsburgh, PA)

“Absolutely fabulous. You answered all the questions that I was afraid to ask the partners.”

Victoria F. Pratt, Esq. (Litigation)
Pitney Hardin Kipp & Szuch (Morristown, NJ) Top of Page

“Marilyn resolved a wide variety of questions that I have had about writing. Strong balance of information and useful application.”

Phillip R. Marchesiello, Esq. (Communications)
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer Feld, LLP (Washington, DC)

“You took an approach that was not "off-putting" to a group that already knows a lot about writing. This made me more receptive to what you had to say. You also made the rationale behind the rules clear from the outset.”

Heath H. Galloway, Esq. (Labor & Employment)
Williams Mullen (Richmond, VA)

“Very well organized, covered amazing amount of material, was flexible in breaking for questions—wonderful, helpful.”

W. Theodore Brooks , Esq., Shareholder, Real Estate, Construction Law
Tucker Arensberg, P.C. (Pittsburgh)

“The workshop was very well organized and presented fluently. The mix of exercises, instruction and discussion provided welcome variety.”

Daniel C. Malone, Esq. (Litigation)
Dechert LLP (New York) Top of Page

“Excellent and worthwhile class.”

A. Baltazar Baca, Esq.
US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division (Washington, DC)

“I've been to several similar seminars and this one was by far the most useful. We learned a lot without being overloaded. The pace was quick enough to keep our interest and was easy to follow.”

Carolyn E. Elbert, Esq. (Litigation)
Pitney Hardin LLP (Morristown, NJ)

“Good use of time—instructional, and I felt that no time was wasted. Thanks!”

Scott Vance, Nuclear Regulatory Advisor, Energy Group
Shaw Pittman (Washington, DC)

“Specific, well thought-out advice in response to common problems. Everyone knows legal writing needs improvement; few have focused solutions.”

Matthew A. Anderson, Esq. (Intellectual Property)
McAndrews, Held & Malloy, Ltd. (Chicago, IL) Top of Page

“Very worthwhile program.”

Brian Martin, Esq. (Corporate/Securities)
Andrews Kurth LLP (Houston, TX)

All quotations used with permission.

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