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I use my twitter feed,, as a microblog. It is “micro” because tweets are limited to 140 characters. My tweets focus on effective writing, effective presentation skills, and state CLE requirements, with links to useful and interesting web resources.

Twitter is not set up to make old tweets easy to find, so I have started to archive many of my tweets on this website. I've adapted the tweets to avoid the abbreviations and shortcuts required by the 140-character limit. More topics will be added soon, and I will be updating this archive periodically.

An explanation of Twitter terminology

@Name is a person or organization’s Twitter name. You can find that person’s tweets at

RTs I repeat a tweet—“retweet” or “RT”—when I find an interesting suggestion or a useful web resource posted by someone else. The @Name in the RT indicates whose post I am retweeting.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there are topics you’d like me to address in my Twitter microblog. You can send me a tweet or an email.

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